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A Walk Through the Process of Applying for a Payday Online Loan

Payday loans have been receiving a lot of wrap lately and for a good reason - the financial charges on a typical cash advance are rocket high - up to $50 on each $100 borrowed. But while many states are rushing to the rescue of less than well-off citizens - this is the target population, arguably, that takes out payday loans, the basic market economy laws are telling us that payday loans can be beneficial in some cases. First, on the myths. According to the Payday Loan Industry Report, an average payday loan borrower's economic profile is far from what state legislators want us to believe:

"The estimates of income range from $20,000 to $50,000 for most borrowers. Some demographic studies indicate that nearly 50% of payday loan borrowers own their homes, and most have a high school education or more."

I am not trying to, in any way, rehabilitate payday loans: the facts are clear on the sky high interest rates charged by many lenders, as well as some shady practices that some lenders engage in: like taking money out someone's account as a result of shady marketing practices that make people click on certain offers they do not need or realize being signed up for. There are also various scams masked as payday loans in which personal information is being harvested and then used in identity theft and other fraudulent activities. At the same time, there are many people who take advantage of payday loans regularly to leverage their personal finances. The most important problem is how to educate people about payday loans. Questions like: "Can I afford a payday loan?", "Why do I need a payday loan?" must be answered before applying for a cash advance. After that, the place where to find the loan that best suites one's financial conditions has to be decided on. Let's focus on this second part.

It is clear that applying online can be very convenient - you do not need to run to a cash advance store, you can have your money directly transferred to your checking account overnight and you can pay off your loan conveniently online as well. But, which online loans are the best and where to avail them?

There are a few things that everyone has to be aware of when looking for a payday loan. These are: the amount, loan term, and loan cost. You have to be comfortable with the amount, loan repayment term and the financial charges. The repayment schedule is another thing to take into account. What we at Payless Payday Loans keep hearing is that people want to take out $1000 in payday funds. Well, you should stop right there before even going any further. You should not take out a $1000 payday loan because it goes against the very purpose of payday loans. These loans are not for plugging in every hole in your budget, they are for emergencies. And if you have an emergency that needs a $1000, you need to look elsewhere. The financial charges on a $1000 payday advance may amount to about $500. So, unless you can find a cheaper loan, just forget it all. It is possible to find a cheaper loan and it is also possible to find several cheaper payday loans if you need a larger amount. Taking time and applying is necessary to keep the costs down.

It is a good idea to go with direct payday lenders - you can see these payday loan lenders and choose direct trusted providers. You can apply to several lenders and see what they can offer in your case. You should pay attention to the terms and costs of each loan and accept it only if it won't entrap you in a debt cycle spiraling out of control. The term can be just two weeks or several months - an installment loan. Many direct lenders also offer an early repayment option so you can repay the entire loan early and save on interest charges. The cost of the loan may be high and the loanable amount low if you are a first time borrower. Thus, it makes sense to build a relationship with a lender over time which will ultimately allow you to borrow more and at lower rates. Finally, it must be said that there are no simple solutions when it comes to payday online loans, but the best piece of advice is to actually take time, compare different lenders and their offers and go with the ones that you can afford and repay on time without taking out yet another loan and falling into a debt trap.

This story was originally published on 07/03/2012.

Personal Finance: Best 10 Ways To Earn Money On The Internet

With the foray of internet, about 80% of the world’s population seem to use it to earn money. This sophisticated technology has given good enough reasons to rake in money using it as a medium of communication. With thousands of people already making money, you can also join the gang and earn some hot cash. There are numerous ways through which you can earn good amount of money either full-time or part time.

US college student builds affordable 3D printer

Shai Schechter, a student from Purchase College, State University of New York, has built a simple and affordable 3D printer that costs just one third when compared to the price of a 3D printer, conventional model. The student has developed the low cost printing device by name, Deltaprintr.

Twitter does not require internet anymore!

Online microblogging service, Twitter, could soon be accessible on your mobile phone even if you do not have an active data plan. To make this possible, Twitter Inc. is reportedly planning a tie-up with a Singaporean company, U2opia.

Go grab an anti-bacterial phone case to keep your iPhone germ-free

Are you a person who has an abnormal fear of dirt or germs? Do you feel compelled to sanitize your mobile phone with an alcohol swab excessively or carry your handheld device in a ziplock bag to save it from pathogens? Well, now its time to get freedom from your pathological fear of dirt and contamination!

Stare at your Samsung Galaxy S5 to unlock it!

Can you unlock your smartphone without touching the screen? Samsung is going to make it possible for you. Yes, the Korean smartphone mammoth is rumored to add a unique identification technology that tracks facial and eye movement to unlock the smartphone device.

Aliens on the Moon? Mysterious spaceship spotted on lunar surface

Mysterious spaceship witnessed on the moon

Aliens have hijacked the moon! It might sound like a made-for-science fiction film title, but a new speculation has surfaced that suggests presence of a mysterious object which looks somewhat like an alien 'spaceship' on the lunar surface.

Intex unveils Aqua i4+ smartphone for Rs 7600 in India

Intex Mobile, the domestic manufacturer has unveiled a budget smartphone with android, named Intex Aqua i4+, at the price of Rs.7,600 in India. This smartphone would join the league of budgeted phones equipped with dual core in India which is already filled with many phones.

Spice Smart Flo Mettle 4X available at Rs.4,299 in India

Spice had promised smartphone lovers that it would offer a low budget smartphone at the end of this year when it unveiled its Smart Flo 5X mobile early this month. Those who were expecting this pocket friendly mobile phone would be highly pleased as the Indian smartphone maker has launched its low-cost Smart Flo Mettle 4X Mi-426 in the country. The gadget is now available at online shopping portals at a price of Rs. 4,299.

BlackBerry confirms cancellation of its two BB10 devices

Cancellation of BB10 devices confirmed

If you are an ardent follower of BlackBerry devices, this news might seem obvious to you but it is the first time that the confirmation has been made in a formal manner. BlackBerry was required to file documents with the US Securities and Exchange Commission soon after their Q3 earnings of 2014. The Wall Street Journal reports state that BB had to cancel two of their upcoming devices in order to mitigate the inventory risk that was identified by the brand.