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Some pointers to help understand Tax Planning Concept!

Tax planning

We are all familiar with tax planning. How often have all sat before the TV to watch our Finance Minister read out the General Budget and wondered if the budget is good or bad for us.

Astonishing! California Driver served ticket! No Google Glass while driving

Careful, my friends please do not wear eyewear resembling the Google Glass as you drive along! Tuesday night witnessed a 44-year-old lady, charged with a ticket as she drove along wearing “Google Glass”.

NASA’s 3D Printer Launch into Space Expected in 2014

NASA’s 3D printer is receiving finishing touches and is almost ready to be shuttled out to the space.

Repercussions: Did you file IT Returns?

There are a number of penalties for not filling IT returns on time. Here is a glimpse of the sections that govern the penalties for not timely filling the income tax returns.

Lift Heavy Objects With Smart Phone Controlled Smart Lifting Device

The latest lifting device that is controlled by smartphone has the ability to lift heavy items, which can weight about 23 kgs just at the press of a button. The myLifter device is developed in the United States and can be controlled easily by installing an app on your smartphone. The device, though small in stature, can lift heavy weighing objects with great ease.

I’ve Lost My Property documents. What to do?

Steps to follow if you''ve misplaced property documents.

Apple''s new headquarters to be ‘spaceship-shaped’

Apple has hitherto been known for its immensely popular innovative gadgets. It may soon be well known for its spectacular novel headquarters.

The 10 worst ATM card PINs, is yours one?

Given that most security breaches and frauds are due to weak passwords, you would think that people realize the importance of personalized PIN and be more creative.

Google glass users can now wink to take snaps!

Google marks the closing of 2013 with massive updates on its Google glass. The updates for December on Google glass has spread a smile on its users face as it announced this Tuesday that they can take photos with this edgy internet linked eyewear by just winking.

China would launch space station by 2023

China has another achievement to talk about and this would be available for the world to witness within a decade.