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E-readers showcased at CES 2010

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at Las Vegas opened this week for all the gadget lovers across the world, showcasing the coolest and newest forthcoming range of electronics.

However, the hot favorites so far remained the newly announced and prototypes of the forthcoming e-readers.

However, the hot favorites so far remained the newly announced and prototypes of the forthcoming e-readers.

Both Asian manufacturers and well-established companies are attempting to dive into the e-reader market (popularized by Amazon’s Kindle) by releasing their own e-readers.

The section devoted to e-readers at CES was the most crowded as both buyers and customers were curious to look at the readers showcased on the booths. New brands names such as Copia, Hanvon, Bookeen and Jetbook made their debut at the event.

New competition in Kindle’s way
It seems like there’s going to be a lot of competition coming in the way of Inc’s Kindle. Here are some of the new devices showcased at CES-

1. Plastic Logic’s Que e-reader, targeted at business users, has a 10.7-inch screen. It features a new plastic display technology that can resist the shattering that occurs on other glass-screen e-readers. The new premium e-readers from Plastic Logic’s are priced between $649 to $799.

"This is a device to replace the paper that people normally print out. It is very different than electronic book readers," says Richard Archuleta, Plastic Logic's chief executive. "Getting a tablet PC or a notebook computer doesn't really allow you to save the printing of documents— it doesn't let you work with your documents effectively."

2. Hearst Corp.'s Skiff e-reader is offering a store for digital newspaper and magazines subscriptions with an 11.5-inch screen that is made of a flexible metal.

3. Spring Design’s e-reader Alex features a black-and-white screen for reading and is priced at $359. It has a 3.5-inch color screen that can be used to browse the Internet.

4. Entourage Systems eDGe device, priced at $490, comes with two screens that folds like a book, one in color and other black-and-white e-paper for reading.

Analysts’ view on new entrants in e-reader market
According to the analysts’ e-readers such as the Hearst Corp-backed Skiff or Plastic Logic's Que might have some chance at challenging Amazon’s Kindle.

But there’s hardly any room for the other entrants in the market or they hardly seems up to challenging Kindle.

"No one else matters at this point," said Forrester Research analyst James McQuivey. "We're seeing a lot of devices that won't be in the market for months.”

An analyst at Interpret, Michael Gartenberg said in a statement, "There are a lot of great-looking devices being shown, but right now there are too many players chasing too small a market. High prices, lack of content and single task functionality means most will fail over time."