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Pinterest Establishes Partnership With Getty, Agrees To Pay For Metadata

Pinterest users would have experienced several challenges these days such as links with dead end or not finding relevant search results for pins.

Google Nexus 5, up-ready for ‘end October’ release

Wowe! That’s great news folks! It seems, the release date for the Google Nexus 5 is approaching closer. October gets Google Nexus 5 lucky, according to the reports!

NASA Releases Spectacular Video of ‘Canyon of Fire’

NASA has released a video of the 300,000km ‘canyon of fire’ on the sun’s surface that was captured on September 29.

Google invents uProxy to tackle crackdown on Internet autonomy

Internet search engine behemoth Google has revolutionized the way people access information. It has been instrumental in making the entire world a well connect small little digital world.

Apple reveals new iPad lineup, Macs, software ahead of holiday season!

As it faces a battered tablet market share and increased competition from rival gadget makers, Apple Inc. is refreshing its iPad lineup ahead of the lucrative holiday shopping season.

Olloclip launches 4-In-1 photo lens for iPhone and iPod

With more than 82 percent of smartphone owners using their phones click pictures, the picture quality becomes the obvious demand.

Accidental peek-a-boo at Nexus 5 on Google Play

Google's upcoming Nexus 5 smartphone has been making news continuously with details of its specs and pricing floating around the net for some time now!

Go in for iPhone 5S, it’s the right choice

The innovative gadgets from Apple, including the iPhones, are expensive. They are nonetheless worth every penny spent on them. These state-of-the-art devices are smart, sleek and intelligent to say the least.

Functionally advanced Windows 8.1 is now available for download

Windows 8 was radically different from the earlier version; Windows 7. On the other hand, the latest version Windows 8.1 appears to have incorporated modest changes than Windows 8.

Google reports better-than-expected Q3 results

Buoyed by strong quarterly results that beat Wall Street's expectations, Internet search behemoth Google’s stock flirted with the $1,000 level.