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NSA surreptitiously taps into Google’s, Yahoo’s data

The National Security Agency (NSA) has reportedly tapped the communication links that connect Google’s and Yahoo’s overseas servers. By doing so, the NSA has managed to copy vast amounts of emails and maybe even sensitive information from the data centers of these two giants.

NASA News: Infant stars shimmers in the giant “Witch Head Nebula”

A massive and dark cloud that is known as “Witch Head Nebula” that is nearly located at about 800 light years from our blue planet,has been located by NASA recently. It is closer to the Orion Constellation that is just off the well-known hunter's knee. The cloud is swarming with several newborn starts that are dust-obscured and they are yet to be discovered perfectly.

NASA's powers up its 1st deep spacecraft Orion

A year ahead to its scheduled launch on an unmanned orbital test flight, NASA's Orion crew vehicle to fly in space was powered up for the first time at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) last week.

Lenovo unveils 'Yoga' Android tablet with longest battery life

‘Old is gold’ goes the old adage! The gadget manufacturers also seem to be inspired by the thought. They have now added the benefits of Yoga, the ancient art of exercising, to the latest technological inventions.

No more ‘link’ clicks to check videos! Twitter changes its ‘Feed’ tune

Twitter ready to rival Facebook, is that so? Twitter has also decided to get revolutionary and will be showcasing videos and photos along with its 140 character messages. Is this the latest Twitter offering as the company is all ready for “stock selling” to the public?

Syrian Hackers Claim Twitter And Facebook Accounts Of Obama

Syrian Electronic Army, the hacker group of Syria that supports the Assad regime has undertaken responsibility for hacking the link of Obama’s campaign on Monday. The group said that it redirected the shortened service links of Twitter and Facebook accounts of the President to one among the propaganda videos of the group.

NASA gears up for MAVEN mission to probe Martian atmosphere

US space agency NASA is gearing up for a satellite mission to probe the Martian atmosphere on the Red Planet!

Nokia Lumia 929 spotted in leaked photo and video

Some good news for all those disappointed that the rumored Lumia 929 didn't surface at Nokia's big event at Abu Dhabi last week!

Gigantic Google Glass store floating in the San Francisco Bay?

Did we actually see a mystifying, huge barge resting alongside the Treasure Island in San Francisco? Well, definitely yes, there is a large structure moored and resting on top of the San Francisco's Treasure Island that has all the people buzzing whispers. The fingers are all pointing towards Google for this as the company normally is very innovative with “unpredictably crazy projects”.

Facebook – A News Publication Site?

Social media has indeed grown in leaps and bounds since its inception. What took off a method of staying connected with friends and acquaintances now has even more avenues to it.