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Apple's new headquarters to be ‘spaceship-shaped’

Apple has hitherto been known for its immensely popular innovative gadgets. It may soon be well known for its spectacular novel headquarters.

Astonishing! California Driver served ticket! No Google Glass while driving

Careful, my friends please do not wear eyewear resembling the Google Glass as you drive along! Tuesday night witnessed a 44-year-old lady, charged with a ticket as she drove along wearing “Google Glass”.

NASA’s 3D Printer Launch into Space Expected in 2014

NASA’s 3D printer is receiving finishing touches and is almost ready to be shuttled out to the space.

Lift Heavy Objects With Smart Phone Controlled Smart Lifting Device

The latest lifting device that is controlled by smartphone has the ability to lift heavy items, which can weight about 23 kgs just at the press of a button. The myLifter device is developed in the United States and can be controlled easily by installing an app on your smartphone. The device, though small in stature, can lift heavy weighing objects with great ease.

The 10 worst ATM card PINs, is yours one?

Given that most security breaches and frauds are due to weak passwords, you would think that people realize the importance of personalized PIN and be more creative.

US college student builds affordable 3D printer

Shai Schechter, a student from Purchase College, State University of New York, has built a simple and affordable 3D printer that costs just one third when compared to the price of a 3D printer, conventional model. The student has developed the low cost printing device by name, Deltaprintr.

Go grab an anti-bacterial phone case to keep your iPhone germ-free

Are you a person who has an abnormal fear of dirt or germs? Do you feel compelled to sanitize your mobile phone with an alcohol swab excessively or carry your handheld device in a ziplock bag to save it from pathogens? Well, now its time to get freedom from your pathological fear of dirt and contamination!

Aliens on the Moon? Mysterious spaceship spotted on lunar surface

Mysterious spaceship witnessed on the moon

Aliens have hijacked the moon! It might sound like a made-for-science fiction film title, but a new speculation has surfaced that suggests presence of a mysterious object which looks somewhat like an alien 'spaceship' on the lunar surface.

BlackBerry confirms cancellation of its two BB10 devices

Cancellation of BB10 devices confirmed

If you are an ardent follower of BlackBerry devices, this news might seem obvious to you but it is the first time that the confirmation has been made in a formal manner. BlackBerry was required to file documents with the US Securities and Exchange Commission soon after their Q3 earnings of 2014. The Wall Street Journal reports state that BB had to cancel two of their upcoming devices in order to mitigate the inventory risk that was identified by the brand.

Apple, Google and 6 other tech giants want reform in surveillance policies

Eight tech giants have joined hands Monday to reform the US Government’s surveillance practices. To start the public campaign, the web firms- Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, AOL, Yahoo and LinkedIn- have set-up an alliance called Reform Government Surveillance group.