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Facebook captivates the Canadian audiences!

Do I see a broad grin on Facebook? Well folks its creditable, Facebook is the favorite of almost 19 million Canadians who religiously log on to it once a month. Can you believe it this is almost half the total population of the country? Another whopper for you, almost 14 million Canadians check news feed daily.

Remember all those long, complex passwords? No need

Passwords are no longer required to remember

Do you often forget your password? Do you always choose a short, non-random password or using the same password for years because you think you will never be able to remember a complex or strong password? Not anymore.

Behold!! A diamond-studded BlackBerry Q10 priced at $31,000!!

If you have the cash to splash and a fondness for luxury goods of indubitable opulence, then a BlackBerry Q10 encrusted with diamonds could be yours!

Valeant clinches $8.7 bn deal to buy Bausch & Lomb

Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc. has clinched the Rochester, New York-based eye-care giant Bausch & Lomb in a debt-fueled deal.

BlackBerry's expansion: Q5, software update, BBM for iOS and Android

Blackberry is all ready with new set of hardware, brand new apps and updated software. At the BlackBerry World event last year, it was struggling to grab a hold in the global market to convince investors and developers to keep themselves interested in the platform.

Now, an exotic gold plated BlackBerry Q10 for over $2000!!

The recently released BlackBerry Q10 just got a whole lot more stylish!! We have seen of luxury iphones and some Android devices covered in gold and encrusted with diamonds, now a BlackBerry Q10 bling edition with a rather dazzling price has come to light!

Will Blackberry Z10 give neck to neck competition to iPhone 5?

Though, Research In Motion (RIM) has yet to officially launch the BlackBerry 10 operating system or the devices running it, plenty of images and rumors have leaked over the internet about it.

BBM coming with video chat, screen sharing

Manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) is still more than a month away from unveiling the next generation of the BlackBerry, but there have been quite a few leaks trickling out.

North American bugs stay in the sun rays to keep off germs!

Nature is unchallenged and its ways are amazing always. A study carried out by the Canadian Scientists on the North American bugs show that they use sunbathing to keep off germs and stay healthy.The study discovered emission of certain compounds by the insects with the process of biosynthesis carried out in sunlight, protected the bugs from penetration by germs.

Mammalian semen affects the female brain – Canadian Scientists

Canadian scientists have unearthed a controlling and dominant chemical signal rooted in the semen which strongly influences the brains of female mammals that may include humans. They recently released a press announcement made by Saskatchewan unit in Canada stating “Team unlocks link between sex and the female brain", which promises to whip up a passionate debate.