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North America

Sony PlayStation sales cross 1 million units on first day

Guess how many units the PlayStation 4 sold on the first day after its launch in North America? A whooping I million units!

Samsung’s dominance in android market continues!

As per the latest statistics revealed by the advertising and Web analytics firm Chitika, Samsung devices contribute massive chunk towards Android-based Internet traffic.

Free Calling Through Gmail gets extension

Gmail users will be able to make free calls throughout the New Year as Google has given a year long extension to the service.

Netflix up and running after Christmas Eve outage

Families across the American region that were banking heavily on a holiday movie marathon this Christmas Eve were in for a huge disappointment!!! Netflix's video streaming service crashed on the prime movie-watching night.

John McAfee arrested by Guatemalan police

John McAfee, the tech millionaire who fled Belize after the murder of his death of his neighbour, was arrested today by Guatemalan police for secretly crossing the border into the country illegally.

BMW to unveil ‘i Concept’ at LA Auto Show

As the Los Angeles Auto Show kicks off next week, auto majors like BMW have already started lining up their upcoming cars for display.

Much hyped Medal of Honor Warfighter release approaches

One of the most popular console games based on first person shooting, 'Medal of Honor', is due to be released on Tuesday for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC and on Wii U in the near future.

Live features and other advancements soon: Twitter CEO

Twitter will shortly add new features to boost the no of users

Mayan society used chocolate as spice 2,500 years ago!

The Mayans and other pre-Hispanic cultures love for chocolate is well documented! However, unlike the sweet treats of the modern world, their preferred method of consumption was a thick frothy beverage.

'Extinct' Caribbean snake sighted in St Lucia

Once believed to be extinct, slithery brown snakes have been discovered living in a nature reserve on a small isle just off the east Caribbean island of St. Lucia, conservationists said Tuesday.