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Jennifer Lopez picks daring outfit for New Year’s Eve

Performing at Times Square on New Year's Eve, Jennifer Lopez turned up in a glittering black, seemingly-transparent catsuit that flaunted her curves to the fullest

New York, January 2 -- Jennifer Lopez is one bold woman. She tried to make New Year’s Eve better for the 750,000 people who stood through the cold and rain to watch her perform at Times Square in New York by turning up in an apparently see-though catsuit, which became the talk of the town in no time.

Initially, J.LO had a shaggy jacket on but right after her first track, she changed into a glittering black, seemingly-transparent, catsuit that flaunted her curves to the fullest. The singer had her audience fully captivated as she displayed her worked-out body in that skin-tight, diamond-studded catsuit, while singing her famous hit “Waiting for tonight”.

Millions watching the live TV segment of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2010 from home remained hooked to their screens as J.Lo tried to bring down the curtains on 2009, in her style.

The suit has been the topic of much tittle-tattle, ever since people got over their hangovers. Lopez had teamed the catsuit with glittering red-soled Louboutin heels.

First New Year at Times Square
The 41-year-old singer had grown up in Bronx, but she had never been to the Times Square to celebrate New Year’s Eve, she said.

Later, talking to the host for the evening, Ryan Seacrest, Lopez said, “This is my first time ever coming down here. It’s just so much good, hopeful, amazing, loving energy. I feel like a little girl!”

Seacrest could not contain his admiration for the singer’s appearance, as he said, “that outfit has made my year!”

Fans react to J.Lo’s outfit
However, not everybody agrees. The web-o-sphere was swamped with the comments and blogs about Jennifer’s concert clothes.

One Twitter-user thinks that the outfit "made her look like some kind of weird naked barbie doll”. Others believe she made a major mistake with that outfit. She was probably too desperate to make a grand comeback, according to an annoyed fan.

However, there are also those who admire her for maintaining a fit body after having kids. "Did she get butt surgery?" questioned one blogger. Well, the singer’s slimmer-self was on complete display and one could see that her unforgiving outfit will have no room for flab.

Jennifer Lopez later covered up in a chic fur coat, as she welcomed the New Year with husband Marc Anthony by her side.