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Woods paid prostitutes to go on sex dates with him

Los Angeles, December 11:Once famous for his astonishing shots in the golf course, Tiger Woods is now more famous for his alleged multiple extramarital affairs. The golf great is accused of cheating on his wife Elin Nordegren with a number of women.

Now, the grapevine has it all that the married golfer spent hefty cash on women he fancied.

Woods paid for sex dates
A famous Hollywood madam has claimed to The New York Post that she had previously sent her higher priced prostitutes to fulfill the wealthy golfer’s ravenous sexual needs.

The blonde madam Michelle Braun claimed Thursday Woods enjoyed threesomes and shelled out more than $60,000 to cat around with high-priced prostitutes.

"One of his favorites was Loredana Jolie," Braun told the Daily News.

"She's a stunning girl," Braun said of the gorgeous Playboy blonde model from Sicily who's been living in New York since age 14. "He went out with her four or five times. She took part in group sex. They met up in 2006 or early 2007. I'd say he paid $15,000 for her."

Braun continued that the world famous athlete "had a pretty big appetite for women," adding "He was rarely with just one girl. He usually wanted more. He liked three-ways."

Sampson and Jungers were paid for sex
The stunning disclosure she made was that the two of Woods' other playmates were famous blonde bombshell porn star Holly Sampson and onetime trashy lingerie model Jamie Jungers.

Braun, who previously admitted running a vice ring supplying the most expensive call girls in the world to celebrities, business chiefs and well known public figures, claimed Woods would pay $30,000 to $40,000 a weekend for the girls to go on sex dates with him.

Sampson, 36, and Jungers, 26, both feature on the list of Woods' alleged mistresses.

"He would request the college-cutie, girls-next-door look," Braun said. "He could go for days," she said. "He'd pay a flat rate for an evening, but an evening would usually be extended. The girls would talk about his stamina."

The women Tiger fancied
Rumors began flying about the world's No. 1 golfer’s extramarital affairs ever since he crashed his SUV in front of his Florida home the day after Thanksgiving. That late-nigh single crash reportedly occurred after a heated argument between Woods and his wife Elin Nordegren on the heels of the National Enquirer's big revelation the married golfer was romantically involved with NYC party girl Rachel Uchitel.

Since then, as many as twelve more women have stepped forward, publicly claiming that they too had affairs with Tiger.

The list of alleged Woods mistresses includes porn stars, waitresses, TV show extras, VIP night club hostesses, cocktail waitresses, and aspiring models.

The women who have been romantically linked to the golf star are: Rachel Uchitel, a VIP hostess from New York; Jaimee Grubbs, a VH1 reality TV show extra; Kalika Moquin, a Las Vegas night club executive; Jamie Jungers, a Las Vegas cocktail waitress; Mindy Lawton, a waitress at an Orlando area Perkins; Cori Rist, a New York club goer; and Holly Sampson and Joslyn James, both porn stars. 5 of the women have not yet been named.