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Google "Living Stories" to centralize news

The idea behind Living Stories is to experiment with a different format for presenting news coverage online

Los Angeles, CA, December 9 -- Google, in collaboration with highly respected newspapers like The New York Times, and The Washington Post, has revealed a new online news experiment called “Living Stories”.

Online publishing has gained extreme popularity over the last few years. Google, realizing the opportunity of this vast public base, has decided to utilize the “certain unique advantages of online publishing” for its benefit.

What is “Living Stories”?
The idea behind this experimental project is to centralize all the news pertaining to a certain topic on one web page, thus giving readers a choice to realize updates, and form time lines. This can enhance knowledge-based debates.

A single web page will have images related to the news, time lines defining the major events in the news, and other related news for further information. Apart from that, Living Stories will also showcase editorials related to it, along with the videos. All the content will come from the two newspapers.

According to The Post, “They call your attention to changes in the story since you last viewed it so you can easily find the new material. Through a succinct summary of the whole story and regular updates, they offer a different online approach to balancing the overview with depth and context.”

With this project, Google has begun to realize their long-pending, and much awaited vision of “Living URLs”. This web page is dynamic but consistent in its URL. Thus, the concept of “Living URLs” comes into being. The information is presented in an organized form, and is consistent with the developments in the news.

Enhancing user experience
The prototype was released from the Google Labs on Tuesday, and it aims to enhance the readers’ experience. This is to be achieved through users’ interaction with the news, and by making news more “alive” and dynamic.

Like always, Google has strived to personalize the service by establishing readers’ “reading status”, that is, it will realize how up-to-date a reader is on a certain topic, and thus, give him only the newest information on it.

According to Google’s official post, “The idea behind Living Stories is to experiment with a different format for presenting news coverage online. News organizations produce a wealth of information that we all value; access to this information should be as great as the online medium allows.”