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Google goggle launched for Android phones

Sending the image of a leaf could tell you the name of the plant it belongs to

Mountain View, CA, December 8 -- The announcements that came out of Google Search event recently also presented 'Google goggles'. Apart from Google's real times search, the Labs have come out with a brand new and exciting application for the Android-powered mobile phones.

The name, Goggle, does not come as a surprise from Google that is known for its Doodles—tweaking of its logo on special events. Google goggles is a visual search application that lets you have the freedom of not typing text on your phone to get information. Currently, it only works with low-powered Android phones.

How goggle works
This implies that one just has to take a photo of the object with his phone and Google finds the necessary information that it has on its database for you. Thus, one does not need to type or speak like one had to earlier. The revolutionary new technology has got everyone super excited.

All you need to do is go to the Google goggle application on your phone, and fill up the screen as much as possible with the object about which you need information. Then take a picture of the same. For example, if you take the picture of a book cover, the application will tell you all it knows about the book. The author, a synopsis, and a review, and of course, Amazon results will be provided.

Business purposes
The same can be done for texts as the application can recognize tourist attractions, books, logos, text, and art work. If a business card is scanned through it, it can provide the latest information on that person, and then you can either save the contact in the address book of your phone, or call the person there and then.

Another great feature is that through the use of GPS and the phone's compass, there is the added feature of augmented reality, that is, a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment. This is especially useful for information on local businesses, where there is no need to even take a picture; just point the phone's camera. Google will communicate the name of the store or the restaurant, and on sending them that name, it will further send you more information about it.

So when buying real estate, all you have to do is point your phone at the place, and they will tell all about it. Also, expect Google to have saved information on your searches. So, if you have recently bought a neat Portable Media Player (PMP) for yourself, Google will target you to ads that meet you current requirement. Everything seems to be customized.

Technology still raw, but offers great promises
The visual search technology is still new, and there is a lot to be done with it. Development is still in its infancy phase, and one can bet that the Google Labs are working overtime to create newer and more innovative applications with it. So currently, the application is not that accurate for things like animals, food, or cars.

But Google is promising a lot more in near future. Like they have said, one could be able to find out the next best move in a chess game, or find out the name of a plant with merely the picture of its leaf.

The pictures that have been clicked--and their information--can be discarded or saved on the phone, according to what you desire. One can download it from the Android market on one's phone by searching for Google goggle.