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Eating broccoli every day keeps stomach bug away

Eating baby broccoli daily can help prevent stomach cancer.

Baltimore, United States, April 6: Munching two and a half ounces of broccoli sprouts every day keeps stomach cancer, ulcers and gastritis at bay, says a latest research.

According to a research named “demonstration of principle” by a team of international scientists at John Hopkins, having a daily dose of baby broccoli sprouts reduces the level of HpSA by nearly 40 percent.

They, however, warn against eating sprouts that have sulforaphane as it did not, in any way, prove to cure the infection caused by a stomach bug H.pylori ( Helicobacter pylori).

The study which mentioned clearly that eating 70 grams of three-day old broccoli sprouts for two months daily keeps H. pylori away, also maintained that there was no benefit of eating alfalfa sprouts.

Researchers chose 48 Helicobacter-infected men and women from Japan. These people were randomly assigned to eat 70 grams of baby broccoli sprouts or same amount of alfalfa sprouts every day for eight weeks.

The study found that the H. pylori levels of those who had eaten broccoli sprouts were quite lower at eight weeks on three tests, namely standard breath, stool and serum tests. However, H. pylori levels of patients eating alfalfa sprouts did not undergo any change.

The researchers maintained that if people stopped having broccoli sprouts, their HpSA levels, after eight weeks, were found to have reached the pretreatment levels. The study, thus, reiterated the fact that eating broccoli sprouts could reduce the risk of stomach cancers but, somehow, could not be used to eradicate cancers completely.

According to Jed W. Fahey, M.S., Sc.D., one of the study authors, “The highlight of the study is that we identified a food that, if eaten regularly, might potentially have an effect on the cause of a lot of gastric problems and perhaps even ultimately help prevent stomach cancer.”

Fahey is a nutritional biochemist in the Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Cancer Chemoprotection Center at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

“The fact that the levels of infection and inflammation were reduced suggests the likelihood of getting gastritis and ulcers and cancer is probably reduced,” stated Fahey.

“Broccoli sprouts have a much higher concentration of sulforaphane than mature heads,” said Fahey maintaining that further research could prove helpful in re-affirming the study facts.

According to the findings of the study, sulforaphane, a potent antibiotic for H.pylori, increases the cell formation in the whole body, including gastrointestinal tract which helps produce enzymes to protect against inflammation, oxygen radicals and DNA-damaging chemicals.

Baby broccoli sprouts are widely available vegetables that can help prevent the most common bacterial infections, which might even lead to stomach cancer.

“Broccoli has recently entered the public awareness as a preventive dietary agent. This study supports the emerging evidence that broccoli sprouts may be able to prevent cancer in humans, not just in lab animals,” affirmed Fahey.

The study is published in the April 6 edition of Journal Cancer Prevention Research.