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'Curb Day' designed to swap unwanted items

Chili, N.Y. -- A New York state group has designated May 16 "Curb Day," an event designed for people across the United States to get rid of useful but unwanted items.

Mike Marone, who is heading the Curb Day effort, said in a statement that
the day is designed for people with "stuff" they don't need to put the items out by the curb for others to look through and take what they need.

"Many people could really use some of this stuff, especially in today's economy," he said.

Marone cautioned people to use "common sense" when deciding what to put out by the curb.

"Don't put your loaded 12-gauge shotgun out there. No weapons of any kind.

No chemicals, and nothing dangerous at all. Nothing illegal either. No food or alcohol, please," he said.

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