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Google gearing up for Google Play gift cards, wishlists

Google is getting ready to bring two of the most missed features to its Play Store soon. These features are Play Store gift cards and support for wish lists. An ideal for the upcoming holiday shopping season, friends and family will soon be able to gift each other electronically to be used on new Android smartphones or tablets like the Nexus 7.

Latest Add-on
It was reported in the Android Police blog, that a new version of the Google Play store application for Android phones contains options that will allow users to purchase gift cards for the store as well as place apps on a wish list.

This feature could also be helpful for Android-themed sites that like to run giveaways to generate a larger readership. Apple has offered this feature within the App Store for several years and physical iTunes gift cards can be found at many large retailers around the United States.

Google did offer $25 Google Play gift cards with the purchase of a new Nexus 7 tablet, but the physical gift cards aren’t as widely available as an iTunes card. Similar to iTunes, the amount of the Google Play credit is tied to a user’s account and the credit can be redeemed by purchasing applications on the Google Play store.

An Android user will eventually be able to go to in order to enter a gift card code and add a specific credit to their account.

Beyond gift cards, the wish list feature allows the user to add applications in addition to media like books, magazines, music, movies and television shows to a specific list. While this feature could allow users to bookmark items on the Google Play store to purchase at a later time, it could also be tied into a publishing function that publicly displays a wish list. Google may also include the support for Chrome web store.

There is no word about the exact availability of these features or how they will be rolled-out, but we hope to hear something very soon.