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Experience Sharp's AQUOS like never before with 90-inch screen

Sharp's 90 inch LED HDTV.

Sharp unveiled their LC-80LE844U, which at the time was the world’s largest LED LCD TV, measuring an 80-inch screen earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show. Now bettering their own masterpiece, the brand has launched an LED HDTV that measures 90-inch, giving it the tag of the world’s largest commercially available LED HDTV.

At $10,999, the LC-90LE745U is a pricey HDTV, but it retails for only about a tenth as much as the big-screen HDTV Sharp displayed in 2008, and at 5 inches deep and 141 pounds, it's a little over half the depth and a third the weight of the LB-1085. The LC-90LE745U is a fully-equipped HDTV, with active 3D (two pairs of 3D glasses are included), built-in Wi-Fi, and Sharp's SmartCentral hub with access to Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, CinemaNow, Vudu, and a Web browser. It also supports Skype with an optional webcam.
According to Sharp, the LC-90LE745U uses less than 150 watts of power and costs an average of $28 per year to run. It uses a full array of 500 LEDs to backlight the screen, which lets each LED darken to improve the black level of the scene.

"Our 90 inch class LED smart TV offers size, picture quality and smart functionality unlike anything consumers have experienced with LED TVs to-date," said John Herrington, President, Sharp Electronics Marketing Company of America. "You can now experience Sharp AQUOS like never before."

This is the latest trend observed from the house of Sharp, putting out larger and larger LCD HDTVs each year. Sharp launched its 70-inch Aquos HDTVs in 2010, its 80-inch Aquos HDTVs in 2011, and now its 90-inch Aquos HDTV in 2012. If Sharp continues, by 2014 it will beat its six-figure, record-breaking HDTV by two diagonal inches and hopefully one less digit on the price tag.
The LC-90LE745U is available now at select retailers in the U.S. As of now, there is no word on the pricing or availability of this large television in India.