Money Matters - Simplified

The handsome grey giants - elephants to become extinct in 20 years?

600,000 innocent elephants had been brutally slaughtered for black market ivory trade and poaching in the decade of the 1980’s. Today, just about 400,000, alive African elephants, are running helter skelter desperately trying to save their skin from these inhuman traders, according to Mr. Samuel Wasser from University of Washington. Will humanity sleep on while the blameless elephants are being massacred viciously?

Human race needs to look into the preservation strategies for other living beings also. As the demand for ivory is on an upswing in the Asian market and China sells it at a whopping sum of $ 1500 per kg, the poaching menace has raised the head again with a renewed force.

Julius Kipng'etich, head of the Kenya Wildlife service, pleaded at the Library of Congress in Washington DC in an extraordinary request for the humankind to save and protect Kenya's and Africa's elephants from the inhuman practice of poaching that has wiped out thousands of unsuspecting elephants recently.

It is a concerning fact, that the elephant killers snatch the life breath away from the elephants for just for a few ornamental statuettes and trinkets. This merciless killing is feared to wipe out most of the African elephant race from the earth in 10 years time. The elephants are a centrifugal force in the ecological balance.

Kenya is determined to burn down ten tons of the treasured ivory found last year near the Tsavo National Park as contempt filled reaction to the disgusting practice of poaching that is coming up again. The Ivory and Insecurity -- the Global Implications of Poaching in Africa includes anti poaching as an important issue mentioned in the Senate Hearing in Washington DC. John Scanlon the Secretary General of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), Dr. Ian Douglas Hamilton, founder of Save the elephants, and Senator John Kerry emphasize proposition of elephant and wildlife poaching, and impact of illegal wild life trading on the population in Africa, the world wide security and terrorism.

Armed military from Sudan had wiped out 400 elephants in a maddening rage wantonly to satisfy their personal vanity in Central African Republic. Save the elephants should be the unspoken motto of all as loss of biodiversity is the biggest nightmare and threat for the human civilization. Laws need to be enforced to protect the remaining elephants in the world. The elephants used to guide the olden tribes to find water and civilizations. These pillars of life are today fighting for their own life.

We don’t need to inform our children- "This is where the wild things were.” This battle must never be lost.