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Google nexus tablet to launch in July -- Rumors

According to sources Google Nexus tablet is scheduled to hit the market in July.

If rumors are to be believed, then Google Nexus tablet is scheduled to hit the market in July, mid-summer earlier which was expected to hit the market in May. has come up with the news and claimed to have it from the supply chain of the Google Nexus. It was who initially said that Nexus Tablet will hit the markets in May, which surely didn’t happened.

According to the rumors shipping of Google Nexus Tablet will start from June and the most anticipated Google Nexus tablet will be available for the customers in July.

Manufacturer of Google Nexus tablet

Google Nexus tablet is manufactured by Asus and according to the sources about 600,000 Asus/Google tablets have already been booked even before the official release date. However, Google and Asus haven’t confirmed the rumors yet.

Earlier it was reported that Google is planning to sell its Nexus Tablet directly to the consumers and some of the Tablets also have Google name on it. However, it is expected that initial few Tablets are made by Asus and Samsung, which previously had made Google Chromebooks.

Google Nexus tablet

Google Nexus is a direct competition to Kindle Fire in terms of specifications and price range. Google Nexus tablet is expected to have a 7-inch Google Nexus and it is also expected to have Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. However, it is expected to be upgraded to Android 5.0 probably in November.

Google Nexus tablet will face an intense competition from other major players on the tablet market such as ASUS, Amazon and Acer who is getting ready to release its new 7-inch tablets too.