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Israeli Strike On Iran Isn't Going To Be A Cakewalk

According to a British military journal, attacking Iran’s nuclear facility will be difficult for Israel.

According to a study conducted by British military journal, attacking Iran’s nuclear facility will be difficult for Israel because of its demographic profile.

Iran has developed an underground nuclear facility deep inside a mountain near the Shi'ite Muslim holy city of Qom for saving it against any foreign aggression. British journal Jane’s Defense Weekly said striking Iran’s facility will be difficult though Israel has the strongest Air Force in the middle-east.

High risk choice

Striking Iran will be a high risk choice for Israel according to the study because to target Iran’s suspected site, Israel will either have to use long range missile attack or special forces raid. However, Israeli officials have said they can use any means to stop Iran to acquire a nuclear bomb.

Jane’s Defense Weekly in its study said, “The significant distances involved and hardened features of Iran's nuclear facilities make any 'massive surprise' aerial attack a very high-risk operation for Israel to undertake on its own.”

Previous strikes by Israel

Airstrike could be an option for Israel to attack Iran’s nuclear facility and in the past Israel has initiated such actions. In 1982, Saddam Hussein’s nuclear reactor was destroyed by Israel, and in 2007 similar raids were initiated on Syrian reactors.

However, striking Iran’s nuclear facility will not be that easy as it would require continuous air-strikes which could last up-to several days. Malcolm Chalmers said the airstrikes will damage the nuclear program for a small period of time but destroying the facility completely is harder.

Malcolm Chalmers of the Royal United Services Institute said, “This is not going to be one strike and they are out, not like Syria or Iraq where facilities were not underground, it is much harder than that. They could do quite a lot of damage which would set back the programme for a period.”

Experts warn Israel not to use force

Many experts have warned Israel not to use force against Iran as it will not bring any concrete solution. Experts believe that best way to cope with Iran is to corner the Islamic Republican and putting tightest sanctions on it.

Senior British officials are stressed that Israel might initiate a strike without informing U.S and its allies "We underestimated the things that the Israelis have done in the past in sheer out-of-the-book daringness," one revealed.

Davis Lewin, Political Director of HJS, the American-aligned think tank, expressed that he is "certain" that an air attack would be successful even without any assistance from Unites States or its allies.

"One reason is that the Israeli air force has been cognisant of the need for long-range strategic bombing for a long time and is extremely adept at making do with the technology it has in challenging missions," he expressed.