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Twitter Set To Drag Spammers To Court

Twitter is now suing five websites accusing them of creating equipment that encourage spamming, as the microblogging pioneer combats an avalanche of automated tweets barraging real users with advertisements and viruses.

Law suit by Twitter

Twitter in a 21 page complaint mentioned that the spammers are creating problems for users because of which several users are opting out of using Twitter. This has forced the company to spend a lot of money to encounter them.

Twitter sued a Tennessee company called Skootle its principal operator, James Kester, JLA Web Solutions its operator Jayson Yanuaria, along with it Justin Clark who is doing business as is also in the list.

Twitter in its blog post wrote, “As our engineers continue to combat spammers with strong safeguards and technical efforts, today we're adding another weapon to our arsenal: the law.”

Aggressive combat spamming

Twitter in its blog post wrote that the company will continue to combat spamming aggressively in the days to come. Twitter said its engineers are implementing technical solutions to reduce spam, and recently a new anti spam measure has been launched to suspend spam accounts.

In the blog post Twitter wrote, “Our engineering team continues to implement robust technical solutions that help us proactively reduce spam. For example, earlier this week, our engineers launched new anti-spam measures within Twitter to more aggressively suspend a new type of @ mention spam.”

Attacking spamming

Twitter is not the only social networking company who has targeted spamming directly in court. Microsoft and Facebook have also initiated identical steps to combat spamming after filling cases against the companies in the court.

Twitter lately has acquired a security enterprise Dasient, which the microblogging pioneer says is consequential to the growing startup’s future strategies for a safe and spam-free user experience.