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Obama Vows To Reduce Nuclear Arsenal Along With Russia

United States president Barak Obama vowed to cut down nuclear armaments along with Russia.

United States' president Barak Obama, while addressing the students of Hankuk University in Seoul, vowed to cut down nuclear armaments along with Russia with the disclosure that US has more warheads than necessary to safeguard its interests.

President Obama was addressing South Korean University's students a few hours before the nuclear security summit opened in Seoul. He also revealed that considerable steps have been taken since the summit was initiated two year ago in Washington DC.

Obama added that a number of countries have taken firm steps to reduce their nuclear stock and he is looking forward to achieve more commitment from other nations.

Threat of nuclear terrorism

Obama during his speech expressed his concerns over the growing threat of nuclear terrorism. Obama expressed that he is aware about the facts that nuclear materials are still stored without adequate protection and terrorist groups are looking to steal them.

Barak Obama on nuclear terrorism said, “We know that terrorists and criminal gangs are still trying to get their hands on it, as well as the radioactive material for a dirty bomb... the danger of nuclear terrorism remains one of the greatest threats to global security."

America's nuclear deterrent

Barak Obama might be pushing for the cut down in nuclear arms but it is not going to be an easy task as any further reductions would face stiff election-year opposition from the Republicans in Congress who already are accusing the president of weakening America's nuclear deterrent.

Even after new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) between Russia and United States, the latter has more than 1,500 deployed nuclear weapons and 5,000 warheads which Obama insists are more than what they require. Barak Obama said he can ensure security of United States despite cutting down on its nuclear armaments.

Barak Obama said, “I firmly believe that we can ensure the security of the United States and our allies, maintain a strong deterrent against any threat, and still pursue further reductions in our nuclear arsenal.”

President Obama is scheduled to meet newly reappointed Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin in May. The President informed that he will further discuss the issue pertaining the reduction of strategic nuclear warheads and also tactical weapons with Russian prime minister.