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Experts Identify Iran’s Nuclear Facility Through Satellite Images

commercial satellite image showing the building which contains, or used to contain, a high explosive test chamber at the Parchin military facility in Iran.

US non-proliferation expert has identified a nuclear test site at Parchin by studying satellite images, the same site which Iran refused to show to IAEA officials.

Parchin military site located in Iran is suspected of containing a high-explosive test chamber, which might have been moved or might be still there.

The identified site
David Albright, founder of the Institute for Science and International Security revealed that after carefully analyzing commercial satellite imagery he has come to a conclusion that a building located on an isolated compound at Parchin is the one that fits the description given by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in a report in November 2011.

The site which is identified by the expert is situated just four kilometer away from the high explosive related facilities in Parchin. This is the same facility which was visited by the IAEA officials in 2005, according to the Albright’s report.

According to Albright’s report IAEA has evidences that the chambers were constructed in 2000 and then the building was constructed around it. The building has a beam which separate it from other buildings, along with it, it also has a security wall and fencing around it.

Visit by IAEA was denied
IAEA is yet to visit the site which is identified by David Albright; AIEA has tried twice to access the site but hasn’t succeeded as IAEA inspectors wasn't authorized visit by Iran.

IAEA already had two rounds of talks with Iran but to no avail. According to the western diplomats Iran is trying to sanitize the facility by removing any kind of nuclear traces before IAEA team visits there. It is speculated that Iran didn't want any incriminating evidence of explosive tests that would indicate efforts to design nuclear weapons and that was the reason why IAEA teams were not allowed entry till now.

IAEA director general Yukiya Amano recently referring to Parchin said that something is going on there. Yukiya Amano said, “We have information that some activity is ongoing there.”

According to Albright large explosive test chambers which are there on the building were used to conduct experiments possibly to develop nuclear weapons. However, Albright wasn’t able to measure the level of activities on the site over a short span of time.

United States is keeping a close eye on Iran as according to it Iran is developing nuclear armaments. However, Iran has condemned the allegations saying it is using nuclear power to fulfill its energy requirements. It is ironical that United States had setup first nuclear power facility in Iran.