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Protesters Of Occupy DC Musing Measures To Deal With Ban On Overnight Camping

Occupy DC, predecessor of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) that took place last year in New York is facing a new problem which came into being when National Park Service authorities ordered the activists to cease camping overnight at the sites which are a few block away from the President's abode 'The White House'.

Protesters Served a Notice
Protesters were notified on Friday by the park service that if there would be any camping violations by around Monday noon, the people responsible will not only be arrested but their property would also be seized as evidence. Although the different protesters have different reasons for the occupation, the basic theme remains the same i.e. Estrangement of money from the political system and initiating radical improvement in the infrastructure of the country to fix economic, health-care, educational and environmental problems. The main aim of the movement is to empower the 99% Americans by shifting the power from the influential wealthy corporates, which consists only 1% of the population.

People Still Unshakable
The notice served to the protesters which are in McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza read that they must remove all the camping materials from the sites and leave a side of all the temporary structures open every time. They are ordered to comply with federal agency's regulations related to camping. Several activists are of the opinion that no matter what happens their commitment to the cause will not dwindle. Area churches are also thinking about helping the overnight protesters by housing them if the police authorities start enforcing the rules which are against the overnight encampments.

Days to Come
The conditions will get more severe when more demonstrators from Tennessee, Nashville, New York and Memphis will come to McPherson Square on Monday to strengthen the movement. McPherson Square has been the area of encampment since the beginning of October last year for the protesters. Several protesters opined that even if they are not allowed to sleep it won't end the movement. It is a temporary hurdle which will have to give way to the force of the change.