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White label SEO reseller programs for revenue growth in 2012

These are difficult times and many small businesses are experiencing a significant slow-down. As the global economy has contracted, deals are harder to find and budgets are shrinking. Small businesses in the web design, ad agency and public relations spaces have been hit especially hard. Adding insult to injury, competition is growing daily as more and more people flood these fields. A simple website built 5 years ago is no longer sufficient. So how can the small business person revamp their firm to grow revenues in 2012?

One simple answer is to expand product offerings. Businesses all over the world invest in product development as a means to enter new markets, find new customers and cross-sell to an existing revenue base. This strategy works very well for large businesses and is the main motivation behind many mergers and acquisitions. However, the small web design, ad agency or public relations firm does not have the vast resources of a publicly traded company. This puts severe limits on the investment they can make in product development.

White label SEO reseller programs are a simple answer for these small firms for several reasons. First, these firms are already servicing customers who are likely to want SEO services. This means that the sales pitch should not be too difficult because there is a legitimate customer need for SEO. Second, the firm is a trusted supplier. The search engine optimization field is filled with confusing and often mysterious players. Using an SEO reseller program, the small web design firm can cut through the mystery and close the deal. Third, most web design, ad agency and PR firms are already familiar with the reseller arrangement. Web deisgn firms often resell web hosting or domain names. Ad agencies resell advertising space. PR firms are familiar with outsourcing SEO. So for these firms, being a reseller is a familiar concept.

There are several factors that should be used when selecting the right SEO reseller company. First, you want an SEO firm that is fully transparent. Call the SEO company on the phone and make sure their customer service staff seems reasonable. Search engine optimization is a complicated product and you should expect the need for back and forth. Ideally, you would like a US-based dedicated Account Manager. See if this is included when you join the program. Also evaluate their SEM technology. The last thing you want is for your customers to lose faith in you because of a poor product. Strong technology (such as a portal) and professional reports help. The firm should be able to explain the basics of search engine optimization and understand the statistics behind link building fairly well. Finally, you want to join a white label SEO reseller program. This means that the branding will remain yours while the reseller firm delivers the search engine optimization work.

In the final analysis, a white label SEO reseller outsourcing strategy may well be the best bet for increasing revenues for firms who already have customers in IT. Web design, ad agency and public relations firms are well suited for the white label SEO approach because of their embeded customer base. White labeling allows for the firm to maintain their brand but offer the services from the SEO reseller.