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10 Black Friday apps to avail best bargains

If you are an Android or an iPhone user, you can download several Black Friday applications, that will alert you about the best bargains available, thus easing the shopping experience.

The Black Friday is just a day away and like always, hundreds of shoppers will be thronging retail stores to avail the best discounts and lowest prices.

If you are also planning to join the herd of shoppers, but worried that you might miss the best deal, here is something interesting. Your smartphone, could come to rescue.

Wondering how? Well, if you are an Android or an iPhone user, you can download several Black Friday applications that will alert you about the best bargains available, thus easing the shopping experience.

While some apps let users know which retailer is offering a particular product, others go a step further by providing information about the the deals available at different stores, allowing shoppers to share information with their social network, and even offering geographic locations of retail stores.

The top applications this Black Friday are:

Applications for comparison purposes
1. Price Check: Available on iPhone, this application allows users to check and compare prices on Amazon. To use it, a shopper just has to capture barcode of the product and compare prices at Amazon and other retailers.

Price Check not only scans, it even listen. One can even speak the name of the product, brand to know where it is available. Even typing the name of the item, will generate results of best deals available.

2. Black Friday Wish: It offers iPhone owners the option, either to view popular deals or all deals along with pricing, where they are available.

It even categories the deals, like for men, women, and kids. Also, results can be categorized in terms of store, rebate, free etc.

3. TGI Black Friday: Apart from enabling consumers to compare prices, the app provides Black Friday ads for all major retail stores like Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and many more.

It even provides updates on leaked ads, and alert shoppers when a new ad is posted.

Unlike many apps, TGI Black Friday gives the iPhone users the option to downlaod PDF ads for each store, in case a shopper has to prove to the salesperson that coupon they read exists.

Apps for sharing
1. Black Friday App: Available on both iPhone and Android, this app not only facilitates in searching ads, it also offers support for sharing the great finds with friends on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Shopping Goddess: This app offers users reviews of the retail stores, products sold there, etc. You can also post about your shopping expertise or experience for others to read.

Locating sites apps
1. ShopSavvy: This app is a step ahead. It not only enables easy comparing of prices through barcode, or sharing of cheap deals with their Facebook and Twitter friends, but it also shows the retail stores on map, thus making it easy for iPhone and Android users to track locations.

2.The Deal Map: Similar to ShopSavvy, this application provides details of the location of the stores offering discounts. Apart from direction to stores, shoppers can even get details of products sold and prices.

Other useful apps
Save Saver LT: As every second is important on Black Friday, why should time be wasted even in calculating what 53 percent discount would mean, when there is an app to take care of it.

Save Saver LT makes it easy for iPhone users to calculate on the discount, amount saved, tax levied, and the total price after all the deductions.

Gift List: As the name states, the application helps in creating and managing gift lists for friends, relatives, etc. It also keeps track of budget, thus giving an idea how much has been spent on purchases.