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iPad 2 has 'em sleuthing and guessing

Cupertino, Calif. -- U.S. technology giant Apple's second generation iPad will likely include video chatting capability, two cameras and a mini USB port, industry analysts said.

It takes some sleuthing and some guesswork to figure out Apple's next move. The company is known for its tight-lipped policy regarding research and development.

But PCWorld reported Friday the sleuthing has been brisk.

Intuitive Hunch No. 1: As Apple put mobile video chat programing called FaceTime on the iPhone 4 and then on the iPad Touch in September, it was a good bet it would be included on the second generation iPad.
Intuitive Hunch No. 2: It would follow the next iPad has a front-facing camera.

Sleuthing Coup No. 1: Investment firm Detwiler Fenton, having researched Apple's supply chain, concluded the iPad 2 will also have a rear-facing camera.

Educated Guess No. 1: Goldman Sachs analysts have postulated the new device would be thinner than the first iPad and replace the 30-pin dock connector with a mini USB port.

Technical news service Digitimes, based in Taiwan, said Apple would start production of the iPad 2 in February, which reveals another reason for Apple's secrecy: The company doesn't want consumers to hold off on holiday purchases of the original iPad due to enticing features on the next generation, PCWorld said.

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