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Woman stages funeral for live daughter

Richmond, Ind. -- Indiana police Sunday pondered how to charge a woman who staged a funeral for her daughter, who is not dead.

"It is just such a bizarre case, we have been talking, trying to figure out what the most applicable charge will be," Sgt. Jon Bales of the Richmond, Ind., police told the Richmond Palladium-Times.

"It will probably be attempted theft since she didn't actually get any money. We looked at the fraud statutes, but most of them involve insurance or credit cards."

Pastor Ron Chappell of New Life Ministries Church of the Nazarene, said he accepted Angela Boyd's request for a service for her daughter, who she claimed had been raped and killed by her father in Iowa.

Boyd, 38, brought an urn and donation box to the church Tuesday and read a statement about her daughter's death as the congregation wept.

But then her brother, Brian LeMaster, told the congregation the15-year-old girl was not dead and her family in Iowa confirmed she was alive and well.

Boyd, who is facing sentencing Dec. 6 in two separate theft cases, ran out of the church without collecting the urn or the box and has not been seen since.

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