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A few states report harvests done

Washington-- The U.S. Department of Agriculture said three states have their corn harvest completed for the year.

Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennessee report 100 percent of their corn harvest done. On the other side of the spectrum, among the 18 largest corn-producing states, North Dakota reports just 67 percent of its harvest complete.

In Pennsylvania, 70 percent of the crop is harvested. In Wisconsin, 76 percent is done.

The other top corn-producing states report harvests at least 80 percent complete. The average completion among all 18 states is 91 percent, the USDA said Monday.

The U.S. cotton harvest among the top 15 cotton-producing states is 61 percent complete, ahead of the five-year average of 44 percent. Four states, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Missouri report harvests more than 95 percent compete.

Kansas reports its cotton harvest is 27 percent complete. In California, the cotton harvest is 36 percent done.

The soybean harvest is 96 percent complete with Minnesota and North Dakota 100 percent done. North Carolina's soybean harvest is 35 percent done, but it is well off the pace. Among the 18 top soybean producers, the second slowest harvest is reported in Arkansas, where the harvest is 93 percent complete.

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