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Delighting Your Customers: Mantra for Success

The secret to success in today’s competitive business environment depends not only on how successful you are in attracting new customers, but also on how good you are in retaining old ones.
A consistent and deliberate effort to give the best customer service will ensure a steady inflow of not just your valuable customers but also cash and profits.

A customer, who goes back delighted for getting services beyond his expectations and also spreads the word around, is all that you would require to ensure that profits keep pouring-in.

The Cost Factor
1. The cost of poor customer service to the overall U.S. economy is around $83 billion.

2. The cost of loosing a customer to a competitor, in a year comes to around $289.

How can you ensure that your services are better then that provided by your competitors? Here are five tips to help you exceed your customers’ expectations every time they require you.

1. Be Attentive to Your Customers’ Demands
Your customers happen to be the biggest and the best source of information related to product development. So, listen to their opinions carefully.

Often, a single customer can come up with suggestions that a whole team of product development couldn’t, even after hours of deliberation and brain-storming.

It is the customers who use your product/service so they are bound to be the best judge of what changes need to be made. Make a deliberate effort to get in touch with your customers to know what they want.

2. Keep up with Dead-lines and Promises
There is no point making tall promises if you cannot keep them.

Make sure you meet all your dead-lines and fulfill your promises, because there cannot be anything more damaging to your reputation than not being able to meet the customer’s expectations.

In fact, your endeavor should be to surpass his expectations by delivering some thing more than what had been initially promised.

A delighted customer is sure to come back and also bring more customers to you by talking about your product to several more people.

3. Be Prompt in Attending to Complaints
Remember, most dissatisfied customers will not even bother making a complaint, but when some body does come with a complaint, make sure you are prompt in dealing with it.

Take it as an opportunity to bring about improvement in your business. If you can please a dissatisfied customer, you have surely won him for a lifetime.

4. Be Innovative in Devising Ways to Impress Customers
It could be a free coupon, a free air ticket, or a discount coupon on your next purchase, always try to create a certain nervous excitement about buying your product.

Come up with innovative ideas of what your customers could like along the basic product.

Even if it is a simple key chain or a personalized calendar, the chances are that they would always come to you and not your competitor.

5. Make Sure Your Staff Understands Your Business Values
If you think it is important to be courteous make sure that your staff understands that too.

Train your staff to be able to deliver good customer service. It is your front office staff that is going to be in direct contact with your customers and not you.

Also make sure that you give enough powers to your staff to be able to make minor customer satisfying decisions themselves, rather than promising the customers to get back with an answer later.

A consistent and deliberate effort to give the best customer service will ensure a steady inflow of not just your valuable customers but also of cash and profits.