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Poll: Canadians split on auto bailout

Toronto -- A poll of Canadian taxpayers suggests more than half oppose government aid to foundering automakers they claim brought on their own problems.

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The Strategic Counsel online survey of 1,500 Canadians for CTV News and the Globe and Mail found 46 percent supported federal loans, while 54 percent opposed it.

The poll was done March 13-16, before Chrysler Canada threatened to pull out of Canada altogether if it didn't receive $2.3 billion and have a tax dispute resolved.

The poll asked about such a scenario before that happened, and 61 percent of respondents said they wouldn't back a bail-out in the face of threats, CTV said.

Tim Woolstencroft, managing partner with The Strategic Counsel, told the broadcaster the poll results indicate criticism of the chief executive officers and management of General Motors, Ford and Chrysler.

"They don't sense that the CEOs and the directors have made any personal sacrifices, given the fact they've led these corporations into these kinds of problems," he said.

The pollster said statistical margins of error are not applicable to online polls.

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