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Google glass users can now wink to take snaps!

Google marks the closing of 2013 with massive updates on its Google glass. The updates for December on Google glass has spread a smile on its users face as it announced this Tuesday that they can take photos with this edgy internet linked eyewear by just winking.

The latest feature that looks highly promising as it can set aside all the privacy concerns that were centring on the high tech gadget. On the social network page of Google+, the post by Google Glass stated that they have introduced a new setting that allows the users to capture those lovely moments that they think would be a memorable one with just a simple wink of the eye.

The message also stated that Google has began with pictures and are thinking about what else can be made possible with this high end eyewear. Notions also state that the wearers of Google glass can pay for a ride in a cab after winking at the meter or pay the bills while shopping after winking at the bill.

The updates from Google also let users of the Google glass to lock their eyewear so that they need not to be worried about someone else using their eyewear. A person would be able to use it only when they know the right kind of swipes and taps combo. A glassware code that powered the eyewear was modified significantly to help users to upload videos directly on the YouTube, the video sharing site owned by Google.

Google also said that it has developed the Google glass with an aim to help people look up and enjoy the experience around them without being bowled over by the sweeping technology. This high tech gadget lets users to click pictures, record videos, send messages, use touch controls to perform other tasks and to issue commands by speaking.

The eyeglass also has the ability to connect to the internet with the help of WiFi hotspots or through the wireless tethers via mobile phones. Social media giants like Facebook and Twitter have tailored the Google application that has been made available for those developers and explorers who have shelled out $1500 to grab the eye wear.

This story was originally published on 2013-12-19.