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Logitech India launches two new gaming mouse pads

Headlining the gaming world today is the Logitech India’s Gaming Mouse Pads! The Indian wireless and keyboard manufacturer has launched two gaming mouse pads -G440 hard and G240 cloth gaming pad.

The new pads offer optimized surfaces for both high-DPI gaming and low DPI game play. A gaming enthusiast knows how crucial it is to have a right pad under their mouse to have their preferences executed correctly.

Apprehending the hard-core gamers’ needs, Logitech introduced the pads that devoid of patterns and designs. The three-layer surface texture of the pads is consistent and clean. The entirely flat polyethylene surface lets gamers move their mice freely with minimum force. Both optical or laser mice can be used on these pads.

"We are very thrilled to bring our gamers the new gaming mouse pads with stimulating features. Gamers always require convenient range of peripherals that offer a competitive edge,” Subrotah Biswas, Director, Logitech India and South West Asia, said on the launch.

Logitech G440
First up is the Logitech G440 mouse pad. This hard mouse pad with natural rubber base and polystyrene core gives both the mouse sensors better movement and the users enhanced mouse control, while cutting down on friction. The rubber base of the G440 makes it firmly bonded to the rigid surface. The 340 x 280 x 3 mm G440 weighs in at 229 grams and costs Rs. 2125.

Logitech G240
As of the features of Logitech G240 Cloth gaming mouse pad, it is a uniform cloth surface pad specifically customized to offer gamers ideal surface friction that is required for low DPI gaming. With the right amount of friction, gamers can keep the mouse moving at the right speed.

Boasting of features like heat-treated at 200° C and black textile surface, the pad offers accuracy to mice sensors and is verified to stop rapid movements of the mouse during the game. Just like its sibling, the G240 lies flat on the hard surface. The pad weighs merely 90 grams and measures 340 x 280 x 1 millimeters. The accessory is available for Rs. 1595.

If you are a video game freak and looking for an easy to use accessory, then this latest Logitech device would surely catch your attention.