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Comet ISON: The Special Comet Termed As Solar System's “Time Capsule” By NASA

Scientists across the world are monitoring the comet that has been on a journey of millions of years right from the solar system’s edge and is close to reach to the Sun. This comet is a relic that is said to have formed when the solar system evolved and astronomers expect a stunning light show when it reaches the surface of the sun. The scientists are positive that the studies on ISON, the comet would offer them several clues about the formation of the solar system and the birth of its planets in the ancient times.

The Marshall space flight center of NASA had taken a 5 minute video footage of this comet ISON shimmering and heading toward the sun to have a close encounter which is on Nov 28th.

Carey Lisse, Senior Research Scientist, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory conveyed during the news conference of NASA that the main reason behind their study about this comet ISON was that it was a relic. She called it as the dinosaur bone from the formation of the solar system and comets were essential to build the planets. The comet was in a deep freeze state while it was half way towards the next star for more than four and a half billion years. Carey also added that the comet was travelling for a few million years and it might be even around the time human kind evolved.

This comet is much smaller than the normal ones as it is less than three quarters across a mile and is expected to come across the surface of the sun within a million miles. As ISON is made with ice and dust that are loosely packed, it looks like it would not even have 70%chance of surviving on the surface of the sun as it is blazing hot. The comet is expected to hit the surface of the sun this Thursday and might offer some stunning images to be captured by telescopes and spacecrafts of NASA.

According to Jim Green, Director, Planetary Science Division, NASA, ISON is likely on its first trip on the orbit that is close to the sun. He also noted that it has become one of the most observed comet in space history.