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NASA Enters Partnership With Planetary Resources For Asteroid Hunting Contests

Though people are interested in video games that feature asteroids for a few decades now, NASA has entered in to a great partnership to create a niche among the asteroid contests for this 21st century.

This summer, NASA had announced about the Grand Asteroid challenge that is also known as the Grand Challenges that has the backing of the Administration of Obama to help in proceeding with various discoveries and innovations. NASA has made an announcement about the first partnership with the Planetary Resources for this challenge after signing the agreement at Washington in order to crowd source asteroid detection. NASA feels that this joint venture would aim at improving the ability of the space agency in detecting and coping up with some asteroids that are rogues.

Both the partners have arrived on a non-reimbursable space act agreement, which would allow the planetary resources to make use of the sky survey data that was funded by NASA. This partnership would also have the company that is based in Washington have its results reviewed while offering support to logarithmic competition. It is notable that this company and Zoo inverseā€™s Asteroid Zoo own a developmental platform and this would act as the basis for the first contest, which would begin early next year.

Also the partnership allows the resources of the agency to be utilized for the expansion of public utility to help find objects that are nearer to earth, which might harm our blue planet. Among these objects, asteroids top the list as it can change its course and can pose a threat to our Earth, which needs the use of such an innovative technology.

Chris Lewicki, Resident, Chief Engineer, Planetary Resources said that asteroids can consist of some resources that are much needed to enable an indefinite presence which is sustainable in nature in space. This, according to him, would be highly helpful for the prosperity of commerce, science and other resources. He also added that when the public interests are harnessed, it would help them to identify the threats much faster and detect various opportunities.