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Review Roundup: Apple's Latest iPad Air Bags Positive Opinions From Tech Journalists

iPad Air, the fifth-generation tablet, was revealed on 22nd October this year and its first reviews are pouring out. This latest iPad is scheduled to begin shipping from Friday across 41 countries and tech journalists seem to be highly pleased with this latest Apple iPad.

Damon Darlin of The New York Times:

Darlin has appreciated the lighter appearance of the new iPad when compared to its predecessors. He said that 6.4 ounces would make an impressive difference as when you are reading or viewing videos while you recline, you will not get hurt if the iPad falls on the front on your nose. However, he feels that the changes are incremental but not revolutionary.

Walt Mossberg of All Things D:

Mossberg termed the iPad as the “best tablet” he had ever reviewed. He also felt that this iPad is a big improvement and is a successful gadget. He had also appreciated the life of its battery of 12 hours, the lightweight design, 75% screen brightness and its speedier operation. Briefly, he has recommended the tablet within the budget.

Darrell Etherington of Tech Crunch:
Etherington reviewed that this iPad would be a beautiful big tablet as it breathes fresh air in to the slab style ones from Apple. He notes the less weight and performance of the iPad and foresees that its sales would soar in the future.

Anand Lal Shimpi of Anandtech:

Shimpi has made a comprehensive review that the Apple has launched its latest iPad with a re-imagined design that makes it faster, lighter and smaller. He also said that this iPad air has brought a refreshing change in this platform. He also added that the iPad Air strikes a good balance between the weight and quality of materials used.

Ben Bajarin, Tech.pinions:

Bajarin said that Apple has offered best designed iPad Air and after he used it for a week, he said that he was convinced that it would be a personal computer for the tech savvy people. He also said that the A7 chip that Apple has included in this tablet will make it the powerful one in the market and offers a good base for mobile computing.