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Syrian Hackers Claim Twitter And Facebook Accounts Of Obama

Syrian Electronic Army, the hacker group of Syria that supports the Assad regime has undertaken responsibility for hacking the link of Obama’s campaign on Monday. The group said that it redirected the shortened service links of Twitter and Facebook accounts of the President to one among the propaganda videos of the group.

This admission from the Syrian group arrives just a day before Obama hosts a discussion about cyber security with top notch CEOs who belong to various sectors such as Information Technology, defenseand energy.

The spokesperson of Obama campaign’s successor group, Organizing For Action, which holds the control of facebook page of Obama and @Barack Obama said that the account to their link shortener was claimed. However, the two social media accounts such as the facebook and twitter of the president were not affected with the attack.

The hacker group, Syrian Electronic Army took to twitter to make its claims about hacking the social media accounts of the US president. The group said that it obtained access to a number of email accounts that were connected with the campaign. The hacker group also posted screenshots, which were taken directly from the backend website of Obama Campaign.

The Organizing For Action spokesperson did not react or comment about the claims made by the Syrian hackers that the accounts of president were hacked. Soon after the attack by the Syrian group, social site Twitter had a warning message, which was linked, to the warning issued by OFA that they were visiting a site that was not safe.

The hacker group hijacked the social media updates by the US President Barack Obama temporarily this Monday. The now corrected OFA links of Twitter and Facebook when hacked, directed the users to a video posted by SEA or Syrian Electronic Army that showed a 24-minute video on terrorism faced by Syria.

A spokesperson of Twitter said that the URL shortening service of OFA's third party link was hacked but the twitter account was not compromised. SEA, which is popular for its numerous attacks on websites such as Twitter, New York Times, The associated Press etc, lends its support to Bashar al-Assa, the Syrian President.