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iPhone 5C preorder numbers kept under wraps by Apple

Apple launches two phones simultaneously, the inexpensive Apple 5C and the high end Apple 5S, but why? That is unusual strategy for Apple. Then the company goes a step further – Apple decided to go mum on its 5C preorder numbers. Why this secrecy?

Apple introduces 5S and 5C

Apple surprised all and sundry by coming out with two new devices- the higher-end 5S and the reasonable 5C. These were introduced as a swap to the discontinued iPhone 5. The sale of the 5S was planned through various sales carriers, but the 5C is up for presale. As compared to the past few introductions by Apple, the iPhone 5C sales fall under a question mark, to the disappointment of the company.

Within an hour of its introduction, an astronomical number of the device iPhone 5, were sold out, confirmed the online reports, in contrast to the ambiguous official figures that are circulating regarding the 5C model introduced this year.

A report by an analyst states that “Apple was on track for around 1 million iPhone 5C pre-orders in its first day. That would be roughly half the 2 million pre-orders Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) reported following its first day of iPhone 5 pre-sales, and closer to the company’s total ahead of 2011′s iPhone 4S. That smaller figure might not matter all that much if Apple goes on to sell more of both devices in the coming week than it did with last year’s model, but certainly makes early comparisons more difficult.”

Preorder numbers hidden

Apple Inc has introduced its iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S Smartphones for public display last week. As usual Apple started to receive its preorders before its “much-anticipated” devices hit the stores, but Apple decided to maintain silence on the preorder figures for the 5C and did not put up the 5S for pre-orders.

Apple is keeping its lips tightly-sealed about the preorder numbers for the first 24 hours and is not letting out on the number of devices it has presold in this time period. This is an unexpected behavior from the tech giant as it normally bragged about the sales figures of its devices in a 24 hourly report after the presales took over.

Apple has been found speaking openly about the doubling of sales each year highlighting the announcements of the pre-order figures. The company plans to start the sales of 5S model by the September 20th.

Is this because the 5S is a flagship device and the 5C an inexpensive budget version introduced by Apple? One thing is for sure that these two Smartphones are there to take the place of the iPhone 5 that has been discontinued. But the question lurking here is – whether Apple Inc. is holding onto the budget iPhone 5C or not?

As the speculations are rife, we wait for Apple to make a formal announcement regarding the pre-sales of its budget Smartphone!