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HD-Harley Davidson India opens showroom in Indore

It's time for the Indore residents to revel in the new deal inked by Harley- Davidson India.

If your are addicted to bikes, and are in love with them like maniacs, and of course if you live in Indore, there is something to rejoice about. Harley-Davidson has begun with its maiden dealership in Indore. It is the tenth dealership in the country for the two-wheeler behemoth.

‘Tiger Harley-Davidson’ dealership is the first of its kind in Madhya Pradesh. It has been dubbed as one of the largest showrooms in India. If you have money in your wallet, and you can pay Rs 583,409 to Rs 2,509,431 for its high-class models, then grab this opportunity at the showroom in your city.

According to the Managing Director, Harley-Davidson India, the company is excited to welcome new customers in central India to become part of the surging business of the firm.

Fleshing out the details, he said that the complete spectrum of Harley-Davidson India encapsulates 12 motorcycle models. Along with this, there is a riding gear, apparel and merchandise for the company to offer.

Manish Gupta, principal owner, Tiger Harley- Davidson, said, “Harley-Davidson is famous for delivering a premium lifestyle experience to its customers, allowing them to explore their spirit for freedom and adventure. With its picturesque roads and vibrant culture, Indore is an ideal motorcycling destination."

Not only this, there is more in the mind of the company as it has already drawn a plan to launch more assembling plants in Jaipur and Pune.

Earlier from 2010 to 2012, the company had sold 2,000 premium segment bikes. Its plans are working and the future, at least for now, seems to be bright for the company.