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Apple plans new iPhone? Competition heats up!

Gear up Apple as there is stiff competition up your sleeve! The Smartphone creators, Apple , is all set to introduce the new iPhone on Tuesday. And it appears that people have lots to comment about the latest model as it shows no seismic leap in their iPhone expectation scale. It leaves the user questioning the work ability of the iPhone.

The Apple products and android operating systems

Apple’s iPhone has a smaller screen as compared to a lot of other androids. Each day we are greeted with news of newer innovative technology taking over the Android world. The automatic app updating androids, the water resistant androids, voice controlled androids, these are the offers made by companies like Samsung and Motorola. Apple needs to come out with an iPhone that steals the breath away from the user audiences.

The sleek offer by Apple has a simple design and works with an operating system that is very easy to navigate around and has plenty of apps for the user but can it match up to the other android operating systems in Smartphones like Samsung?

Apple, Samsung

Carolina Milanesi, a consumer-technology researcher with Gartner Research showed some concern over the two main Smartphone companies Apple and Samsung, "The smartphone market is more competitive overall, and in the high-end it has become a duopoly between Samsung and Apple,” she stated. The concern wasn’t unfounded as she felt that "Many feel that Apple needs to regain the distance they once had over their competitors."

The recent trend shows that Samsung’s Galaxy line has made Apple sweat it out a little. In late 2011, about 24% of the Smartphone sales showed that Apple reigned but the recent trend shows that Android's walk away with 79% sales, and Apple devices showed only about 14%.

New Apple product?

Rumors state that a fingerprint scanning iPhone is up for the offing. So wipe your fingerprint and register it because that is what will help you unlock your iPhone. The speculation also hints that it’s time to leave the 4G connections behind too by using the LTE advanced network. But is the LTE advanced available everywhere?

Remember Siri, the voice activated wonder? Milanesi feels “Apple needs a new 'hero product,' but I do not think it necessarily has to be a phone," she said. "With technology innovation slowing down, maybe they are better off turning iPhone into a market-share grabber and showing innovation in another product."The company is planning an iWatch too say the sources. So will Tuesday showcase an iWatch?

Scott Kessler, an analyst at S&P Capital IQ, has said that there is a grave need for Apple to come out with something ground-breaking as the iPad and iPhone initially "were revolutionary when they first came out, but (rival)products that are out there now are about as close to Apple's devices as they've ever been.” We heard that the future iPhones will be displaying a bigger screen, but only in the future !

So are we going to see a new innovative iPhone 5S with its dual Led flash and home button with fingerprint scanner,or iPhone 5C ? Let’s see the Apple strategy, but the company better hurry up or the Galaxy Gear device may walk off with the accolades.