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Nasa News:NASA's concept video of proposed Asteroid Retrieval Mission with epic theme music released

NASA's concept video of proposed Asteroid Retrieval Mission with epic theme music released

NASA's latest concept video is certainly a novel, unusual and something out-of-the-box concept from the space agency. However, it is perhaps a lesson learnt from the Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield's viral exploits.

On Thursday, NASA released details about a proposed mission to study an asteroid quite close to the earth. The purpose was to find, capture and redirect it in some time in near future. The Asteroid Retrieval Mission aims to send a manned spacecraft in a 19 day journey to sample the asteroid and return to the earth. This journey is expected to be implemented between 2018 and 2021.

In an effort to win over many reluctant Republican lawmakers, who characterize the mission as a “costly and complex distraction, an animated video" along with an epic theme music was has been added by the NASA. It has been released by the American space agency to describe what exactly the mission aims at.

NASA's proposed mission video:

The video by NASA shows the last stage of the mission in which the Orion capsule. Ir is a manned spacecraft that would move towards an asteroid to sample it and return to the earth, with the previous stages of the mission already captured by another spacecraft.

The capsule then takes around 9 days to reach the captured vehicle, with the gravity boost from the Moon, where the two of them dock. Here the sample would be collected by the astronauts.

The excitement in an astronaut cannot really be explained in words, it is as awe-inspiring event. However, this time with the theme music also part of the proposed mission video this complete affair of Game Of Thrones would a lot cooler.

However, the latest NASA mission may be just another mission if the U.S Congress does not fund it appropriately. So let's hope the Asteroid Retrieval Mission is more than just this animated video.