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Wake up call, Microsoft! Windows 8 OS vulnerable

The hackers will be again rubbing their hands in glee as they peer closely at the Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system, cautions a German government technology agency!

Microsoft’s Window 8 OS

It’s time for the Microsoft to get really careful; after all it’s the Windows 8 OS from Microsoft that has come under the cyber scanner. A German government technology agency, the Germany's Federal Office for Information Security, or BSI, has pointed out that the new security technology incorporated in the PC’s with the Windows 8 operating system from Microsoft can expose the computers to threats of sabotage and cyber crime.

The BSI gives security and technology advice to the public and the Government. Isn’t it time for the critical infrastructure operators and the federal government agencies to tighten the noose? Definitely, only then can the defaulters be brought to task.

Trusted Platform Module

Remember, just a few weeks ago the US surveillance programs had managed to rake up a lot of hue and cry in the public due to the reported leaks?

Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is geared up for her September elections, has been spending many sleepless nights due to the spying scandal.

We are sure you must have heard about the computer chip called the TPM 2.0, or the Trusted Platform Module?

The chip is incorporated into the Windows 8 computers to protect them by providing them the ability to interact with many security applications. This is where the BSI gets skeptical as it feels the handshake between the TPM 2.0 chips and Windows 8 may cause "a loss of control" in the hardware and operating system. They say, "As a result, new risks occur for users, especially for federal and critical infrastructure.”

They also gave a statement saying "The new mechanisms in use can also be used for sabotage by third parties. These risks need to be addressed." There is a way out people, all the makers have to do is just shut the TPM technology, Then we can pick the PC’s with a disabled TPM!

Is this possible? The Trusted Computing Group founded the TPM that is backed by tech giants like Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, IBM , and Intel. The computing group is at the moment racking its brains along with the BSI to find a way out of this.

Refusing to respond to the fears made public by the BSI, Microsoft sits with lips tightly sealed.