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Once in a Blue Moon’s Blue Moon Paid Visit on Tuesday

Were you chattering with your laptop keys on Tuesday night and failed to look at the sky? If yes, then you’ve lost an opportunity to treat your eyes with a real scoop of science. Who knows the phrase ‘Once in a Blue Moon’? I am sure everyone. Just see on Tuesday the Blue Moon arrived to show its face but very few of us must have enjoyed it.

It was all blue with the Blue Moon! Well, not exactly!! But Blue Moon is a rare event where two full moons fall in the same month. Well, the second one is dubbed as Blue Moon and was witnessed on Tuesday. I would like to make it clear that the name Blue Moon does not come because of the color ‘blue’. It is actually reddish in color when it rises in the sky.

However, it can appear blue in color if a forest fire or volcanic eruption encapsulates the upper part of the atmosphere with ash or smoke. Last time the blue moon was seen over Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1950. The moonlight that moved through a cloud of particles from forest fires in Canada resulted in this display.

‘Blue Moon’ discrepancy is because the number of days in a calendar month is greater than the cycle of the moon. I am sure if you are a science buff, you must be aware that the cycle of the moon is 29.5 days.

This disagreement consequently makes the moon appear twice in a month. It first comes in the initial part of the month and then in the latter half. It is the third full moon in a season with four full moons.
The Blue Moon is also dubbed as the Full Sturgeon Moon, Green Corn Moon, Grain Moon or Full Red Moon.

A picture of the Blue Moon that is available on the Internet was clicked by Jadwin, Mo.-based space photographer Victor Rogus. He captured the moon just three seconds after it turned full phase at 9:45 p.m EDT.

Describing about the moment, Rogus said, “This evening I battled hordes of mosquitoes to capture as perfectly timed a ‘Blue Moon’ as I possibly could. I used an atomic clock to be as precise as possible in this endeavor. [It was a] beautiful, romantic sight, despite the invading hordes of insects, but I caught a nice image.”

I am talking about it now but I know that this slice of science would only be available in 2015. Aw many of us missed it!