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Navy Warship is transport dock for NASA’s Orion Program

Will a Warship, become a transport dock for a capsule? Yes, Department of Defense and NASA have collaborated and carried out a test trial for recovery of a space capsule. As the Space administration gets ready for another deep space exploration escapade, The NASA and Navy may be ready for the astronauts involved in the Orion Program.

NASA , Navy collaboration

Department of Defense and NASA carried out a joint practice to recover a space capsule, for the first time in about 40 years. Termed as the Orion Program, the operation was specifically developed to gear up NASA and the Navy to recover astronauts boarded aboard the space craft called Orion.

NASA confirms that Orion is another foray into the deep space and will be specially equipped to carry out its exploratory research into the unknown. Will the astronauts venture out into the deep recesses of the unknown space? Will the unexplored recesses be reachable now? Maybe the Orion will now unfold the mysteries of space and reach out to an asteroid or mars, say the experts!

The practice session, carried out on Elizabeth River, involved the Navy personnel with inflatable boats. The session at the Naval Station Norfolk, drew in the Navy personnel who reeled in a test capsule and then towed it to warship that acted as a transport dock.

The Orion Program

Talking about the Orion Program, Scott Wilson, a NASA official states, “It’s a pretty historic start to the program.” The first unmanned explorative mission is said to be in September 2014 and maybe soon astronauts will be going into space aboard the Orion .

This is a test trial before the naval teams and NASA venture into the Pacific Ocean areas near San Diego. In the recovery process the capsule has to be drained of water and then properly secured according to NASA. The total process is spaced across 2 hours and the draining process itself takes about 40 minutes.

At the re-entry the suit cooling functions of the space craft are turned off, and the ideal temperature to be maintained by the astronaut bodies is about 100.5 degrees. This recovery period of two hours may be ideal to avert overheating in the crew members.

Talking about the recovery process, Wilson stated “We have what we refer to as a ‘crawl, walk, run strategy.” At the time of the recovery process the waters were kept calm according to the project design to reduce the risks, though the experts state that choppy waters and rough seas may be a part of the actual recovery time.

Ever since the Apollo Mission programs carried out in 1975, this is the first time the Defense Department has been roped in with NASA.