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Area 51: Tight Lipped on UFOs, Government officially accepts its Existence

Aliens inside Area 51

Some unnamed critic tweeted that the US government has surely shifted UFOs to Area 52. Some say it’s a dumped region or some agree to the existence of Extra Terrestrials. Okay! All this may sound a little out of nowhere initially but let me flesh out the details and also enlighten you with the crux of the matter. Of course, world’s bemused right now and they have the reason to do so after the revelation of this secret under the sun.

Acceptance by the Government about ‘Area 51’

Recently, the human race was a little shocked to hear about the government’s acceptance of the fact that there lies Area 51 on the map. What the ears heard was not something new but its acceptance fetched a grin on many faces. Is it a secret that was covered till date or is there another angle to this admittance of fact? Whatever it is-Half-truth or a complete lie, that's for the future to witness. Besides, the government has not broken ice about the Aliens in the region.

Oops!But I am sure you must be a little inquisitive about the territory that encapsulates such figures. The report throws light on the fact that it is the Shangri-La region of alien hunters and abounds the Mojave Desert which is roughly about 100 miles north of Las Vegas.

Besides, Area 51 is also a metaphor that science fiction movies often carry. It may be immaterial right now, but this also shows the curiosity and speculations that have always cemented with the theory of Area 51.

CIA Documents

Now, the information about the ‘Area 51’ resides in the CIA documents posted online on Thursday. A reputed researcher from the National Security Archive at George Washington University confirmed the fact. He researched a report of CIA that possessed the information about the Ultrasonic-2spy plane.

Till date, the government was reluctant in accepting even the existence of Area 51. In a 1992 report dubbed as "The U2 and OXCART Programs, 1954-1974", the CIA mentions about the ‘Area 51’ quite frequently. It was dubbed as a site that was used for some veiled testing for the U2 and A-12 OXCART high altitude surveillance aircraft.

It also throws light on the first day on April 25, 1955, when the CIA project director Richard Bissell and Air Force officer Col. Osmund Ritlandt first selected the region as base to carry out secret testing flight programs.

Government’s hesitation to accept or admit to the region paved the way for a referral of Groom Lake salt. It’s a landing strip for the U-2 and another stealth aircraft. Well, this is what we were accustomed to hearing from the government.

But after the report, which was acquired by the George Washington University’s National Security Archive through Freedom of Information Act, the government finally made an official statement about its existence.

UFOs Under the Sun

The US government perpetually negated the UFO reports and refrained from accepting the existence of Area 51. This paved the way for a multitude of theories of the base. Here the speculations ranged from a landing strip or a hideaway for alien spacecraft, to a hospital and a prison for ETs.

However, even now the government has not spoken about the UFOs.

So, a truth that is not complete is not exactly termed as 'The Truth’. So, here we know that probably a lot has been concealed than spoken about!!