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I’ve Lost My Property documents. What to do?

Steps to follow if you''ve misplaced property documents.

Have you lost your property documents? There is no need to panic but surely there is a way to tread on now. At times, when a property deal is at the verge of happening, a person encounters the fact that his documents are lost. Oh! That’s sad because they are really important. Sometimes banker is responsible for misplacing them and at times the owner himself.

It is an issue that demands a strict response from the owner’s side. If your banker carries the onus of misplacing them, endeavour to clarify matters and take an action accordingly. The matter is serious and the demand is to immediately respond to the situation. In such a case, you can claim from the bank.

When you have already lost them, then the first thing is to issue duplicate property papers. Getting a property deal completed without papers is an uphill task. Besides, the person must be aware of the first place to approach and the opportunities available on the table.

First Step: File a Police Complaint

Ok! File a police complaint, FIR, immediately when the head gets to know about the misplaced documents. It is significant to file FIR for property documents either misplaced by you or by your bank. You can even take the copy of FIR and show it to the person during the time of sale. This manoeuvre can calm down matters and your deal as well.

Second Step: Advertisement

So, next in line is to get an advertisement published about the missing documents. In this case, get it published in any English Daily and a regional newspaper. It’s prudent to wait for at least 15 days in case someone finds them.

Third Step: File an Application for Share Certificate

After the first two steps are done and second step turns out to be futile, it’s time to file an application for share certificate from the society. Then a meeting is carried by the authorized Resident Welfare Association (RWA). Authenticity of your FIR is scrutinized by the housing society and the fee is charged accordingly. Eventually, a share certificate is issued by the society. Besides, asking for an NOC is a wise decision as it is a helping hand in future.

Fourth Step: Register with the notary

It’s advised that the information about the missing documents must be written on stamp paper. Along with this, also clutch the advertisement and police FIR. They must be attested and registered by the authorities concerned.

Fifth Step: Replica of Sale Deed

Eventually get the replica of the property’s sale deed issued. Here, one has to submit police complaint number, share certificate, text and advertisement. All these records will be placed in the office and after signing them with the notary they will issue a duplicate copy of sale deed.

Originally published on 09-08-2013.