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Microsoft goes generous with Androids! Office 365 for the devices

Microsoft goes bighearted over the Office productivity suite! After focusing on the iPhone Microsoft has shifted attention to Android platform Google Play, by creating an app version of its omnipresent Office productivity suite.

Cloud-based Office 365 subscription program

Well, let us begin. First the user will have to get registered with the cloud-based Office 365 subscription program from Microsoft if they really want to get the best out of the app. The company at the moment has listed the Android app as free and will allow the users to view Power Point documents, Word and Excel.

Is this all so easy? No, there is a smart Microsoft catch here, guys! The application can be used only by those users who have already got Office 365 in their devices. So its final Office 365 software has been launched for the Android devices.

There is a cloud-based connectivity for the new application and the users are thus able to access the documents that they have created and edited on the Office 365 application on their tablets or personal computers as well.

Whichever platform you are on, this cloud-based application permits you to get your valuable documents right away! So users, be at rest you can go ahead and click away to access the freshly edited or used documents, directly from the cloud.

New Android app

This new app is quite similar to the version seen in the Apple App Store today. The company makes sure that the tablets are targeted but have also optimized the app for the smaller screens. So ready Android users, you can enjoy the Office web apps suite by downloading from an internet browser!

The users will now be able to create, read, edit and save a large number of Office file types and then sync them perfectly with SkyDrive and have it splashed directly to their tabs, notebook, Smartphones, PC’s and tablet devices. The app has an inbuilt presenter mode especially for the Microsoft PowerPoint presentations that permits the user to go ahead and use a connected device for presentation purposes.

It seems Microsoft has been prompted to launch Office Apps in the market by cloud based productivity competitors Google and Apple.

Various versions of the application are available that include Office 365 Business , Office 365 Home Premium, Office 365 trial subscriptions, and Office 365 Enterprise