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Hacking horror for Truecaller!! Syrian Electronic Army guilty?

Leave the precious databases alone! Hackers are at it again, folks! The Syrian Electronic Army takes a peek into the Truecaller database. The crowd sourcing of Truecaller has been hacked.

Hacking attempt at Truecaller

Well, people the hackers have been busy again! This time they focused on the self proclaimed “world’s biggest collaborative phone directory” and hacked into the database.

This collaborative directory utilizes crowdsourcing for building up the database and now the SEA has gained access into seven databases of Truecaller. The hackers have even managed to get into 450GB of data that is the main database of this collaborative phone directory.

So folks, the hackers now may have gathered data of almost a million Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo and LinkedIn accounts that had a link with the Truecaller service “Sorry @Truecaller, we needed your database, thank you for it :).” This was the blasphemous post posted by the group on the micro-blogging website.

Truecaller service

Truecaller that is based in Sweden was founded in 2009 and is available as an app for the Windows phones, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian and Android, and is also there on the internet for the user.

The Truecaller service collects all the contact information data it finds on the social network profiles and user’s phone. This happens when the user gives permission to the Truecaller service for sharing phone book data, and allows the service to display caller name when the recipient’s phone book does not have the caller name stored in it.

Hacking confirmed?

Now about 600GB of the data that had been hacked has been packed off for the Syrian Government’s perusal says the Syrian Electronic Army website. The total extent of the hacking theft is a mystery till now.

So were the non-users contact details, names, numbers etc registered in the phonebook database used by the hackers? This is still not confirmed say the reports.

The Syrian Electronic Army admits to several successful hacking attempts in the past. It has agreed to defacing the the famous works of the Associated Press news agency. Remember the news published on April 23, 2013, that had spread like wild fire regarding President Obama?

Yes, the same news where the reports from the News agency confirmed that President Obama had been injured during an attack on the White House. This was the false news that had been spread by the hackers under the name of the famous news agency.

Well, this time the “hack attack” seems to have targeted users from Hong Kong, Turkey, and China, claim the SEA hackers. It’s the SEA groups Twitter Account that shows a screenshot with details of the users’ contacts belonging to these countries. This was reported about 15 hours after the post reporting the Truecaller “hacking attack”.