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Soon, Zoom into Earth’s Stratosphere in 15 min with Skylon

This is amazing news folks!! Space zipping will no more remain a dream. We have news that a revolutionary Spacecraft by the name of Skylon, may one day, in a matter of just 15 minutes, carry the adventure lovers into Earth’s Stratosphere.

New Space achievement

Actually we can call this a great leap into space study. Skylon, a spacecraft will be providing reliable access to space in 15 minutes and will be travelling at a speed of 19,000 miles per hour. This supersonic speed of 30,557.5 km per hours is nearly 5 times the speed with which sound travels.

The Britain scientists are planning to come out with a new range of space engines that will create space planes with a light, reusable body, and which will be utilizing oxygen from the atmosphere for their low atmosphere flight into space. Well, folks,Don’t be surprised if soon you hear about a space flight from a conventional airport!

Skylon, the spacecraft

The UK Government will be giving off nearly £60 million for the creation of this spacecraft. A British-designed rocket engine, SABRE may soon end up reducing space accessing costs by transforming launcher technology and fields of propulsion.

Skylon is a reusable single stage into the orbit space plane that will be unpiloted as it proceeds into space. The Skylon will have a speed up to Mach 5 and will be combining liquid hydrogen with oxygen got from air till about 26km.

After this for the final stage of ascent, the engine will switch over to the liquid oxygen carried aboard. This spacecraft will be venturing out into Low Earth Orbit at a much lower payload than the rockets, maybe as low as 1/50th the cost that is incurred by the traditional launch vehicles say the researchers.

Space access easier?

David Willett, Minister for universities and science exclaimed, "SABRE has the potential to completely-transform how we access space. By supporting this technology we are giving the UK a leading position in a growing market of new generation launchers and removing one of the main barriers to the growth of commercial activity in space."

Maybe finally SABRE or Synergistic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine will be the first cost effective, reliable and responsive method of accessing space. The engine will be developed with an innovative configuration that will permit high speed cruising for the aircraft. The Skylon will be functioning in two rocket modes- the air breathing mode in the beginning and the conventional rocket mode later.

Alan Bond, founder of Reaction Engines, excited at the progress being made states “Our proven revolutionary technology is the result of two decades of hard work and has the potential to change the world just as the jet engine did."

Technical assessment of The Skylon by the scientists stated finally that “no impediments or critical items have been identified for either the Skylon vehicle or the SABRE engine that are a block to further developments”.