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Security demands Windows XP up gradation right away

Be careful!! The most popular “Windows XP” lands up under the cyber security scanner! a warning has been issued by the sleuths at the Indian cyber security cell for all those people who use the “Windows XP”. Get it upgraded now, they say!!

Alert issued by the Indian cyber security cell

An alert has been issued by the Indian cyber-security sleuths for all those who are making use of the popular 'Window XP' operating system for their laptops or computers. To prevent hacking attempts, the sleuths advice immediate up gradation of the software.

The decision of the Software giant Microsoft to halt its support services offered to 'Windows XP' OS from April 8th 2014, maybe responsible for this alert. This decision taken by the company will surely affect the users working on the Windows XP operating system say the cyber-space authorities who monitor the Indian internet systems.

Advisory note by The Computer Emergency Response Team

The Computer Emergency Response Team-India (CeRT-IN) has written in its advisory note that "The end of support of Windows XP Operating System means that Microsoft will not provide security updates, non-security hot fixes, free or paid assisted support and any online technical support for the Windows XP.

In the absence of patches and security updates for the Windows XP OS, the computer systems would be at greater risks and could be easily compromised by the hackers.

The authorities further claimed "There would also be compliance issues due to un- supported and un-patched components in the IT infrastructure which may result in non-compliance and suspension of certifications by the certifying and auditing organizations. The software vendors and hardware manufacturers will also stop support for Windows XP on their new versions and models.”

They recommended that up gradation of the Window XP OS used on their systems is a must before April 2014. So people it’s time to search and pick up a safe and secure OS system for your favorite laptops, after all you have to go “anti-hacking”, right?

Way back in August 2001, Microsoft had released Windows XP OS .The present version much in use the Windows XP Service Pack 3.The latest OS by Microsoft is the Windows 8.

Since then, three successor versions of client based OS namely Windows Vista in November 2006, Windows 7 in July 2009 and Windows 8 in August 2012 were released by Microsoft.