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Scrutinize your Gmail account value with Cloudsweeper app

Planning to find out the value of your Gmail account? We have the right answer for you here! Gmail account users can now have an insight into how important the information on their accounts, is, for the hacker community and the law enforcement officers. New apps have been developed by researchers from two universities, to cater to this.

Google accounts and hackers

New software called Cloudsweeper, has been released by researchers at the University of Illinois. The Cloudsweeper is capable of scanning the emails to have an idea of the passwords or the password resets.

The type of details mentioned in the emails and other data mentioned in the mails can be studied carefully. The data is looked into based on the black market price of the mentioned details in the emails and its value in the eyes of the malicious hackers can be thus assessed. This detail scrutiny can evaluate the worth of the Gmail account.

Cloudsweeper app

The Cloudsweeper, can encrypt or redact the passwords it has searched out in a jiffy. You will be surprised that the speed of this password search is even more rapid than the deleting of the old emails. No wonder this app is capable of stunning all!

What else do we want but an idea into the precious details that are held in our accounts and how they can lure the law enforcement people and the malicious hackers to peek into? These new apps have been innovatively made and released by the researchers and the Google account users can refer to the Cloudsweeper application to decrypt the passwords or data included in the mails if needed in future.

It’s the email data that holds account details and the black market price of these accounts that matters. The hacker can understand the price of an account like for eg: the Login information of Amazon is about $ 15 and the details of Instagram are about 30 cents.

MIT’s Immersion scans less visible data that is mentioned in the “to field” and the “from field” but does not peer through the email content. This helps Immersion have just an idea into the relationship the user has with the contacts.

The sad thing is that the Cloudsweeper web app crashed after its launch but is expected to bounce back again.

One of the researchers of the project, Cesar Hidalgo, said that this can be very helpful for people and will help evaluate the relationships with contacts and will also show how the personal data of the users will be put to use.

Originally published on 09-07-2013.